Why should I use a girdle?

Girdles are garments that will help you reduce sizes and mold your body. There are different styles, each and one of them with special features to help you mold specific zones of your body.  

Which is the most appropriate size for me?

Each line of products has it's own different sizes. It is extremely important to check the size chart included with the product of your interest. Selecting the appropriate size is a must to use correctly your girdle and to achieve the perfect compression to your body in order to reduce sizes without the garment being a risk to your health or the natural function of the girdle. Selecting the wrong size could avoid your warranty. 

Where can I get the measure of my waist?

The measure of your waste should be taken from the section just above your belly button, this measure is the one that you must use to identify the right size for you in the size chart. 

Does the garments include a crotch opening?

Yes, all of our garments include a crotch opening to make your life easier when you go to the restroom. 

How can I identify the type of compression?

 You can use the different searching bars in our web page to identify the type of compression you want for your body or the results you are willing to achieve. The garments with higher compression are the ones that usually give you the best results in a shorter period of time. 

If I don't have a measuring tape and I want to identify my size in Siluet what should I do?

You can also identify your Siluet size with your weight, simply search in the size chart your size according to your weight. 

Which colors are available?

The colors are subject availability to the reference that is in your interest. Each product indicates the colors that are available at the moment. 

How secure are my transactions by buying through the Siluet web site?

Extremely secure! if you buy with us, you are buying directly with the manufacturer, we will give you complete warranty of your garments. In addition by buying with our web site, all of our transactions are certified by "OnlinePayments" which is one of the most important intermediaries in the market for online transactions (you can check more information at www.pagosonline.com). You can also be completely sure that all of your personal information will be only used for purchase purposes with www.siluet.com.co.  

How can I pay my order?

You can use multiple payment methods, such as: PSE (Online debit transaction, usually works for Colombia only) any international credit card such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners. You can also pay by cash at our factory location in Bogotá Colombia or by Baloto payment (Works only in Colombia)

How long does it take to receive my girdle once the order is placed?

As soon as we receive your order, it will be processed immediately and we will send your garment in Colombia through Coordinadora Mercantil or if you are located outside Colombia via Fedex. Once we have put your order through the carrier we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number for your further follow up of your package. All of our dispatches are made via certified mail for your convenience. 

Where can I download my Siluet Postpart manual?

You can download it by clicking here

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